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You must register with the true full name on your California Driver License or California Identification Card. Make sure you confirm your form entries.
Errors made on your part are subject to a re-processing fee.
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Check this box if you DO NOT have a California Driver License or California Identification Card. By checking this you acknowledge that you do not have either form of identification and will sign up WITHOUT a California Driver License or California ID Card.
  • Traffic Citation: You received a traffic citation and are completing the course in order to mask that citation/point(s) from your driving record.
  • Voluntary: You have not been referred by a court, but are electing to take traffic school; your completion will not be used to mask a citation/point(s) from your driving record.
Court Information

LA County students: it is mandatory that you enter your citation OR docket number, including the 4-digit numeric LEA code. (example: 12345RM 1999 or 1234567 1942)

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Commercial Drivers

Drivers with a commercial driver's license can only attend traffic school if they were not driving a commercial vehicle. Upon completion, the record of conviction will not be held confidential, but the conviction will not add a point count to the DMV record.

Drivers with a commercial driver's license (that were driving a non-commercial vehicle) are responsible for contacting the DMV Driver Safety Unit at (916) 227-2970; to ensure the point is not added to your driving record.

If you attend traffic school even though you are not eligible, the DMV will not mask the conviction on your driver's record

Consumer Disclosure Statement

If you are voluntarily electing to attend a traffic violator school, you must read and sign the consumer disclosure statement prior to paying the school enrollment fee and/or attending the school. If you are a minor, your parent or guardian must read and sign this statement. The law mandates the wording of the following consumer disclosure statement.


"Course content is limited to traffic violator curricula licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Students in the classroom include traffic offenders, repeat traffic offenders, adults, and teenagers, and those who have and those who have not been referred by a court. Instructor training, business regulatory standards, and Vehicle Code requirements of traffic violator schools are not equal to the training, standards, and Vehicle Code requirements of licensed driving schools (California Vehicle Code)."

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Parent/Guardian Information

Since you are under the age of 18, your parents must acknowledge and provide consent in order for you to take this traffic safety education course.

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